Soldier Dog in Normandy - 73 Years Ago

Reaching back into the history of World War II, artists from the British Colourisehistory Group are researching and colorizing old black-and-white photos with a degree of detail that allow them to look like they were taken yesterday In this photo, a Sergeant of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps bandages the wounded ear of a mine-detection Labrador dog named "Jasper" at Bayeux in Normandy, 5th of July 1944. (credit IWM B 6496 - Sgt. Christie, No 5 Army Film & Photographic Unit. Colorized by Royston Leonard UK)

Check Out Hero Dog Chopper

The Smithsonian Channel is one of my favorites, and today I found a video of a SEAL dog named Chopper and his Navy SEAL Trevor Maroshek on patrol outside their base. When Chopper is sent to investigate an abandoned motorcycle, what he finds holds life-or-death consequences.

Cats Who Just Don't Care Any More

Occasionally, this is how I feel on a Monday morning:

Happy St Patrick's Day from Shaun and His Dancing Friends!

Question of the Day . . .

Brave Farmer

Today I was online looking for news reports of the flooding along the U.S. East Coast when I discovered this compelling photograph of a farmer trying to save livestock during the devastating December 26, 2015 "Boxing Day Floods" in the north of England. The only information I could find about the image was that it was taken in the Lancashire town of Ribchester. I Googled the subject matter of the image in hopes that I could credit the photographer, but I could not find its author. That's a shame, because it's a classic image.

You can see a video of the the devastation caused by the horrific Boxing Day floods at this link. Boxing Day, by the way, is a national holiday in the U.K. that has nothing to do with boxing. According to a Samuel Pepys' Diary entry of December 19, 1663, in Britain, on the first weekday after Christmas, it was customary for for tradespeople to collect "Christmas boxes" of money or presents from landowners whom they had served as thanks for good service throughout the year. Today it adds an extra day to the Christmas holiday. What a shame for those affected by the terrible floods.

The 10 Best Cats on the Internet

Here's a really fun compilation of cool cats. Click here and ENJOY!