Meet the Spokesmodels

We are pleased to introduce you to Persnickety Pet Portraits' stylish spokesmodels,
who proudly represent Persnickety and who are eager to loudly announce, from their yard
adjacent to the studio, the arrival of pets and their people who come to have their portraits
created. Sophie, Billy and Clemmi truly relish the opportunity to greet all of our clients! 


Sophie — Named after a great aunt of Persnickety owner Jim Monteith, Sophie is Persnickety's Sporty Spokesmodel. Her proud Pembroke Welch Corgi breeding is evident through her energy and eagerness to herd anything that moves. Her favorite hobby is chewing on all things at ground level, including her fellow spokesmodels and shoes with human feet in them. Though the smallest of the three spokesmodels, she is widely acknowledged to be the studio's Alpha model, as she is always first in the door, first out the door, and first in line for meals.

Billy — As Persnickety's lone Male Spokesmodel, Billy's Australian Shepherd breeding never fails to impress visitors with his quiet strength of character. The most serious of the studio's spokesmodels, Billy's biggest concern is that visitors feel welcome, comfortable and are well looked after. The most cooperative and photogenic of the Persnickety models, Billy can be seen in many of the studio's promotions. 

 Clementine — Our "Clemmi" is Persnickety's Designer Spokesmodel. In spite of her diva appearance, Clemmi is quite humble in her demeanor, and even fairly shy . . . most likely because of her upbringing in a large Labradoodle family. One of eight brothers and sisters, she was, in fact, the last to leave home, never imagining that she would find herself in the limelight as a Persnickety Designer Spokesmodel.



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